Summit on Climate, Rights and Human Survival unites civil society leaders to scale up climate justice action

The People’s Summit on Climate, Rights and Human Survival – the first ever global summit on human rights and climate change – will be hosted by leading civil society groups and the UN Human Rights Office in New York on 18-19 September. The People’s Summit aims to galvanize the human rights community to urgently scale-up its efforts on climate justice, creating the most diverse movement ever assembled to tackle the climate crisis.

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19 September 2019

Declaration of the Peoples’ Summit on Climate, Rights and Human Survival

We envisage a world where people thrive as part of nature and where human rights – including the rights of Indigenous Peoples – and the environment come before corporate profit, in an era in which people are more connected with each other and with the planet...To achieve climate justice, we must all recognize that the climate emergency threatens human survival, the environment, and the enjoyment of all human rights, for present and future generations...

To achieve climate justice, we, the undersigned, agree to the following:

  1. We will increase our efforts to place human rights at the core of climate activism.
  2. We will demand immediate, bold, people-powered and human rights-consistent action
  3. We will demand that all government climate policies, measures, and actions respect, protect and fulfil human rights
  4. We will increase the pressure on those countries and corporations most responsible for climate change and with the most resources available.
  5. We will call upon those States with the greatest responsibility for climate damage and with the most resources to provide the necessary financial and technological resources to countries in the global south
  6. We will relentlessly challenge corporate capture of policies and institutions, and we will hold accountable climate destructive industries and their financial backers.
  7. We will demand a just, fair and inclusive transition away from fossil fuels and towards sustainable agriculture and renewable energy that empower Indigenous Peoples, workers, peasant farmers, pastoralists, fisherfolk, and communities
  8. We will work for the protection, respect, and fulfilment of the rights of Indigenous Peoples, including to their ancestral lands and territories.
  9. We will demand effective and adequate access to justice for individuals and communities whose rights are impacted by the climate crisis or lack of climate action
  10. We will support all environmental human rights defenders, in particular those who individually and collectively protect their territory, access to land, livelihoods, and the environment, and those campaigning to defend the people and the planet from destructive activities and climate breakdown.

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18 September 2019

Human Rights Groups Take Climate Fight to Big Corporations

Author: Ben Piven, Aljazeera

People’s Summit issues landmark declaration in New York, unleashing new resources to wage financial and legal campaign.?More than 200 representatives of indigenous peoples, labour groups, legal bodies, and environmental organizations issued a historic declaration on Wednesday merging human rights with climate justice.

The statement of principles is backed by Amnesty International and Greenpeace International, in conjunction with UN human rights officials and several international law centres.?

Wednesday’s declaration seeks to lace together international human rights law, climate change, and the financial impact for companies and societies failing to meet commitments to help reverse global warming.

The groups resolved to pursue strategic litigation efforts and punish the financial sector’s fossil fuel investments, as well as use human rights accountability mechanisms and moss mobilisation campaigns.

Ellen Dorsey, executive director of the Wallace global Fund, a private foundation focused on progressive social change and an organiser of the Peoples’ Summit, cited the need for a “rights-respecting economy that puts people, not profits, at the centre.”

?She said international environmental organisation’s announcement last week that institutional investors and other groups have committed to divest $11 trillion from fossil fuels is an indication that the climate justice movement is headed in the right direction.

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18 September 2019

Time to act for climate justice

Author: Sébastien Duyck, Center for International Environmental Law, on Social Europe

Today, the international human rights community and the international environmental community unite in New York city ahead of the United Nations Climate Action Summit. It is the latest, critical step in broadening the climate-justice movement to include the voices of groups at the forefront of human rights struggles...Once perceived as solely an environmental concern, climate change is, at its core, a human-rights issue. Indeed, the root causes of the climate crisis are embedded in legacies of discrimination, exploitation and corporate abuses. Climate change is a system of interconnected, interlaced threats to human lives and human rights..The impacts of a warming planet are not the only climate-related threats to human rights, however. The drivers of climate change themselves—fossil-fuel extraction and burning—have devastating health impacts on frontline communities...This path requires accountability for government and corporate actors whose actions contribute to and compound climate change. Under international human-rights treaties, states have legal obligations to protect rights, and they must be held to account if they violate those duties. Likewise, corporations must be held responsible for their contributions to the climate crisis and capture of governmental policies.

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9 July 2019

Announcing the first ever global summit on human rights and climate change

Author: Amnesty International

Our organisations seek a world where people thrive in a safe and healthy environment, where human rights come before corporate profits. To make it happen, we need to face the climate crisis united in the strongest and most diverse movement ever assembled. Only together can we make world leaders take this emergency seriously...Real solutions to the climate breakdown must place people and our fundamental rights at the core. This is an invitation to all those who value human dignity and wellbeing to fully throw their weight behind the call for global climate justice. And to those working to protect our planet to center their efforts in communities, particularly the people most impacted and least responsible for the climate crisis...?

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