Human Rights Defenders & Business - Annual Snapshot

There were 572 attacks in 2019 alone, up from 492 in 2018

Human rights defenders (HRDs) provide a vital safeguard for human rights when states fall short in holding power to account. Yet despite their importance, they increasingly face an unacceptable risk of attack.

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From 2015 to 2019, the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre has documented more than 2,000 attacks on HRDs raising concerns about business-related human rights abuses - from frivolous lawsuits, arbitrary arrests and detentions to death threats, beatings and even killings.

The snapshot provides an assessment of our data from 2019. The findings show that:

  • There were?572 attacks in 2019?alone, up from 492 in 2018 - most of these attacks took place in Latin America, followed by Asia and the Pacific region, and Eastern Europe and Russia
  • The sectors that saw the most attacks in 2019 were?mining?(including illegal mining) (143 attacks),?agribusiness?(85),?waste disposal?(51),?renewable energy?(47),?construction?(42),?oil, gas and coal?(38), and?logging and lumber?(38)
  • Attacks on?women human rights defenders related to business have?increased every year?for the past five years, with?137 attacks?recorded in 2019 – almost?half?of which were against indigenous women and affected community leaders
  • Almost?half of all attacks in 2019 were related to judicial harassment?of HRDs, including through SLAPPs brought by businesses

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