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Phil Bloomer, Executive Director: bloomer [at]

Adam Barnett, Communications Officer:?barnett [at]?

Alex Guy,?Digital Officer: guy [at]?

Alysha Khambay,?Labour Researcher:?khambay [at]?

Ana Zbona,?Civic Freedoms & Human Rights Defenders Project Manager:?zbona [at]

Evie Clarke, KnowTheChain Research Assistant: clarke [at]

Felicitas Weber, KnowTheChain Project Lead: weber [at]

Isobel Archer,?Gulf Project Assistant:?archer [at]?

Joe Bardwell, Senior Officer - Corporate Accountability & Communications: bardwell [at]

Katarzyna Cisicka,?Finance Assistant: cisicka [at]?

Lakshmi Samarakoon, Finance Manager: samarakoon [at]?

Maja Janjic, Office Coordinator & Assistant to Executive Director: janjic [at]

Marta Narolewska,?Junior Finance Assistant: narolewska [at]?

Mayisha Begum, Labour Research Assistant:?begum [at]

Patricia Carrier,?UK Modern Slavery Act Registry Project Manager:?carrier [at]

Rosie Monaghan, KnowTheChain Researcher: monaghan [at]

Tanika West, Europe Development Manager: west?[at]

Teresa Torres Maestro,?Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning Officer: torresmaestro [at]?


New York

120 Wall Street, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10005

telephone: +1 (212) 564 9160

fax: +1 (212) 202 7891

Annie Signorelli, Project Manager for Renewable Energy and Human Rights:?signorelli [at]

Patricia Surak, Senior Development Director: surak [at]

Christen Dobson,?Senior Project Lead & Researcher:?dobson [at]

Maysa Zorob,?Corporate Legal Accountability Program Manager:?zorob [at]?

Niki Mayers, Administrative &?Program Support Officer: brewer [at]?


Marti Flacks, Deputy Director, North America: flacks [at]

Bobbie Sta. Maria, Director for Labour Rights and Asia:?stamaria [at]


Alex Janczenia, Development Officer: janczenia [at]

Amy Sinclair, Researcher & Representative for Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific:?sinclair[at]


Julia Mello Neiva, Senior Brazil, Portugal & Portuguese-speaking Africa Researcher & Representative: neiva [at]


Amanda Romero Medina, Senior South America Researcher & Representative: romero [at]

Tania Correa-Bohórquez, Researcher:?correa [at]

Lina López-Ruiz,??Research assistant:?lopez [at]

Juan-Diego Espinosa-Prieto,?Junior Research Assistant: espinosa [at] business-

Omaira Zamora, Accountant:?zamora [at]

Lorena Luengas, Administrator:?luengas [at]


Mauricio Lazala, Deputy Director & Head of Europe Office:?lazala [at]

Johannes?Blankenbach, EU/Western Europe Researcher & Representative:?blankenbach?[at]

Saskia Wilks,?Research Assistant on Labour Rights and Western Europe: wilks [at]?

Hong Kong, China:

Lowell Chow, East Asia Researcher & Representative:?chow [at]


Betty Yolanda,?Asia Regional Manager: yolanda?[at]


Alia Hindawi, Jordan and Lebanon Project Manager: hindawi?[at]

Farah Al Tarazi, Research Assistant - Jordan and Lebanon:?al_tarazi [at]


Joseph Kibugu, Eastern Africa Researcher & Representative: kibugu [at]

Sanyu Awori,?Project Lead for Workers’ Empowerment:?awori [at]


Karen Hudlet, Mexico,??hudlet [at]

Melissa Ortiz Massó, Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean Researcher & Representative: ortiz [at]

Hannah Matthews, Research Assistant:?matthews [at]


Golda S. Benjamin, Southeast Asia Researcher & Representative:?benjamin[at]

Jose Jello Cubelo, Southeast Asia Research Assistant: cubelo[at]


Aliou Diouf, Francophone Africa Researcher & Representative: diouf [at]

South Africa:

Manson Gwanyanya, Anglophone Southern & Western Africa Researcher & Representative: gwanyanya?[at]


Salma Houerbi, MENA Regional Researcher and Respresentative: houerbi [at]


Ella Skybenko, Eastern Europe & Central Asia Researcher & Representative: skybenko [at]